Electoral Reform. A Decade-Long Road

Electoral law in Ukraine has been changing quite often. That is why some of the most popular arguments in favor of codification were the possibility to stabilize the legal framework and enhance the quality of electoral practices. A key consequence of the electoral reform was to consolidate the mechanisms and guarantees for the exercise of suffrage for citizens, such as the equal representation of women and men in the election process, or expanded accessibility of election procedures for people with disabilities, ensuring electoral rights for internally displaced persons and for labor migrants.

However, even the recently adopted Electoral Code has been substantially altered several times, both in a session room and in several parliamentary working groups. It is a reminder to us all that successful reform does not have the point of no return but there is always a chance to safeguard the most important achievements and correct the mistakes. Find below the description of the process evolution. We hope it will help track the points that shall be revisited in the future.


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